Slide background is a branded platform to easily create online courses

If you are interested in easily creating an online course for your students, but you lack the time or skill to do so, please contact us about our easy to use platform.

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In a nutshell, how does it work?

Contact Us

Simply contact us through our online form. We will contact you to discuss your online course needs.

Like Jerry MaGuire, we believe in personal attention to our clients. We want your online course to be a success. We have skin in the game with you; therefore, if you succeed we succeed.

Royalty Agreement

We know that royalty agreements are a sore spot for those in academia. We firmly believe educators are vastly underappreciated. We want you to feel good about your royalties, after all, this is your intellectual property.

Our hard work has gone into developing this online platform; therefore, while we help you create your online course we feel we deserve some compensation as well.

Your Account

We have spent a lot of time developing our admin area to make it easy for you to create your online course.

You can create as many units for your course as you wish.

These units can have slideshows, word lists, exercises and tests

With our platform you can create slideshows with images and media you provide.

You can add word lists for your students. Word lists are key terms you want your students to remember. You can attach audio to these word lists if this is a language course so that your students will know the correct pronunciation of the words in question.

You can add exercises which consist of multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, image identification or true and false questions. As the students complete the exercises they are given immediate feedback if their answer is correct or incorrect. This makes learning faster for the student.

Tests are exactly like the exercises except immediate feedback is not given. You can set the date and time of the test and how long the student has to start the test. Once the test is started you can set how long each student has for each test. You can override this for each student in the event a student needs to be given more time. You can set the graded weight for your tests in the event you want tests to be weighted by a certain percentage. You can also make a test pass/fail. Last, you can specify that your test have a subset of the total questions. This is a security measure which will ensure each student receives a different test with only a fraction of the questions which you specify.

There is also a class admin area where you can view/edit student accounts.

Distribute your class URL

You are given a unique URL for your class where students can enroll in the online course and pay the fee upon which we agree.

QR Coded Index Cards

QR Coded Index cards can be easily created and delivered to your campus bookstore for those students who can only purchase books through the store.

The QR code is covered with a scratch labels for security purposes. The student purchases the QR Code index from your bookstore, scratches to reveal the QR code and then scans it with any QR scanner on their phone and they are immediately popped into an area where they can enroll in your course.

These are provided free of charge as part of the online course.

We can do exclusively QR codes if you wish. Please have your bookstore contact us for more information.

Your royalties

At the end of the course we will disburse your royalties that you've earned.